Welcome to Shutter Sloth Photography!

My name is Kelli, AKA the sloth behind the lens. I may be a bit slow moving , but I'm quick on the draw when it comes to capturing beautiful moments through my camera lens.

My journey started with a love for photography, and I have been fortunate to turn my passion into a thriving business. I have been capturing precious moments for my clients for several years now, and I take pride in my ability to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

At Shutter Sloth Photography, I believe that every client is unique, and I strive to create a personalized experience for each one. I take the time to understand your vision and work with with you to make it a reality. I specialize in senior, lifestyle family/maternity/newborn, portrait and boudoir photography and have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. I've got you covered.

I pride myself on creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for my clients. I believe that the best photographs are captured when my clients are at ease and having fun. So, don't worry if you're feeling a little camera shy. I promise to make you feel as comfortable as a sloth in a tree.

I understand that choosing a photographer is a big decision, and I'm thrilled that you're considering me for your photography needs. Let's work together to capture your precious memories and create something beautiful. Contact me today and let's make it happen!

Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm a cat person
  • I am obsessed with sloths! I consider them to be my spirit animal. We are natural born chillers!
  • Trash tv is my guilty pleasure. I've probably rewatched Jersey Shore the most. The Office is my comfort show
  • I'm a big SNL fan and I hope I can see it live one day
  • My favorite color is black
  • I am very afraid of escalators
  • I have absolutely no sense of direction
  • My favorite foods are Mexican, a good burger and fries, perfect steak or a good salad.
  • I'm left handed, neuro-spicy, a chronic pain spoonie and I'm introverted
  • I love comedy movies and stand up. One time Arsenio Hall called me out at a show!
  • No matter how many blankets I have, I always want more!

What people are saying...

Taylor S.

I did a shoot with Kelli Kinsler a few months ago & I had so much fun! She made me feel so comfortable & confident. I loved every photo I got back!!